Crowdsauce and launch on The Dealer!

September 21st, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant

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CrowdsauceWe’re happy to announce that we’ve now added Crowdsauce and to The Dealer!

You’ll see them next time you take a look at the deals page: sorted by category + cheap, as always!

Crowdsauce are a little more interesting than your standard daily deals site – they offer users the chance to request┬ádeals from merchants, as well as purchase deals that have already been requested + negotiated by their team.

The graphic below says it best.


Crowdsauce allows you to request deals, as well as purchase them!

We’re pretty excited to have an affiliation with them – just like us, they’re independent, young and ambitious! They’ve also got lots of great ideas and insights into the industry, as their CTO Brendan Marsh showed us earlier this year in a guest post on this blog.

But I’m not trying to make the team at feel left out here, either! We’re just as happy to have them on the site – the more cheap deals we can send you, the better!