Interview: Dale Reardon of Discount Lovers

July 18th, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant

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Daily Deals in TasmaniaTasmanians will no longer be on the sidelines of the daily deals market.

Dale Reardon and his wife, two local Tasmanians, are launching Discount Lovers – a new daily deals site for Tassie. Read our interview below.

What’s the plan?

Our initial plans are to service Tasmania only.  My wife and I are both Tasmanians so have a close relationship with Tasmania and its lifestyle.  The future might see other regional areas that aren’t serviced by the big players but we’ll concentrate on being successful in Tasmania first.

What’s the story?

Settled In Pty Ltd is the family company that owns Discount Lovers.  My wife and I are the 2 directors / owners.  I have been involved in other industries previously such as practising as a lawyer, owning and operating tourism accommodation and internet marketing.  My wife is launching her home search and relocation service in Hobart shortly so we are concentrating on servicing Tasmania.  In terms of the daily deals industry we like deals ourselves but saw an opportunity whereby Tasmania was missing out and thought it was the right time to make a move.  I like being involved in business management and marketing and promotion so it seemed a good fit for us.  Jo, my wife, has also been involved in business management and project management previously.

What is the feedback from merchants so far?

We are in the early stages of marketing to businesses in Tasmania and the feedback has been encouraging thus far.  The economy in Tasmania is not good so businesses have welcomed a no risk form of promotion.

Do you think the major sites will move to Tasmania?

I think other sites haven’t launched there yet because the Tasmanian market is small and niche.  I don’t think the Tasmanian market can sustain the industry giants but it can support a small to medium business very well.  Tasmanians also like to support their own people so with Jo and I both being Tasmanian I think that is an advantage.  We are now getting found in the search engines and consumers have started signing up quickly.

Do you think you have a competitive advantage, being a local business?

I think Tasmanian consumers and merchants like to support fellow Tasmanians wherever possible so I think both Jo and I being Tasmanian will be an advantage.  Also being based in Hobart Tasmania will I think allow us to service Tasmanians more effectively than the large players being based in Melbourne or Sydney.  Of course we would welcome more enquiries from Tasmanian businesses or consumers.

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