Stardeals becomes Groupon after domain settlement

August 11th, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant

1 Comment » Some weeks after reaching a settlement over the domain, Stardeals has relaunched on the domain under the confusing banner “Stardeals Groupon Australia“.

You’ve probably heard the Stardeals / Groupon story by now? Two opportunistic Australian brothers snatched up as well as the Australian Groupon trademark just months before Groupon began to move into the Australian market.

The brothers, Gabby and Hezi Leibovich, are behind Scoopon and Catch of the Day.

Groupon initially offered them $286,000 for the domain, which they accepted – though they laterĀ renegedĀ on the sale.

Groupon Australian then began trading as Stardeals and kicked off what they expected to be lengthy legal proceedings. Late last month, however, the Leibovich brothers accepted an out-of-court settlement and handed the domain over to Groupon.

Today the site has changed domains, with all traffic redirecting to

Stardeals worked hard to gain brand recognition, especially when so many were confused by the arrangement (their social media profiles, for example, were always Groupon Australia – not Stardeals), yet still managed to gain a decent foothold in the market. Sam Yip of Telsyte research said last month that the Stardeals brand was the fifth most-popular site in the country, up from eight in the first quarter.

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