NZ Deals sites pulls out of the market

June 21st, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant

No Comments » has pulled out of the NZ daily deals market less than a year after its launch.

The daily deals site was offering dining, activity and experience deals such as sky-diving. It was operated as a sister site to the prominent New Zealand products site 1-Day which sells three products a day at a heavily discounted price.

The daily deal model was not viable for their company, said Race Louden, Group Sales and Marketing Manager at 1-Day.

The company is continuing their work on, which only offers products. The markup on products means that deals are more practical [...]

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South African deals site taken hostage by developer

June 17th, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant

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A developer in South Africa has accused a daily deals site,, of refusing to pay him for his services by posting a note on their Facebook page.

The developer has named two people in charge of the site and contends that they owe him R2,000 – equivalent of about $276.

“Cheers Zane Briner and Aisling Kelly, and next time you decide to screw someone, make sure it’s worth it. Keep your site, and keep your lousy R2000. I can make the money back my saving on deals at Groupon and Dealio,” says the note.

The company have [...]

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Unnamed deals site takes out ‘for sale’ ad

June 15th, 2011 : posted in News by C Steele

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bid or dealAn unnamed Perth daily deals site claiming more than $22m in “retail commitments” is up for sale.

The seller also claims to own over 300 daily deals related URLs, including and several other branded domains.

The Financial Review ad claims that the site has been in development for over six months and has an “exclusive license agreements” to use a CMS from a company in the US. The company must be sold, it says, because a large creditor failed to pay “other related company”.

The group also claim [...]

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June 9th, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant

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coupons.comCalifornia-based announced yesterday that they have raised $200 million in funding from institutional investors, including several mutual funds.

The investment is said to value the company at around $1 billion. Techcrunch reported that sources close to said the valuation is based on an expected $100 million in revenues this year – twice their 2010 revenue. It’s possible that the company is considering an IPO.

“This investment will help fuel our growth, as we continue to revolutionize the multibillion-dollar coupons industry that, for decades, has relied predominately on [...]

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Groupon ‘wildly profitable’, says founder

June 8th, 2011 : posted in News by C Steele

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Days after daily deals site Groupon announced a $750million initial public offering, founder and largest shareholder Eric Lefkofsky announced that the daily deals site, despite currently running at a massive loss, was going to be “wildly profitable”.

The company had issued an internal memo earlier this month, according to Bloomberg, that request employees to ‘keep quiet’ about the IPO.

After these remarks Groupon may be forced to make a new prospectus and fillings before it issues any shares to the public.

The US Securities Commission limits what companies who are planning initial public offerings can say about their future prospects. [...]

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Group buying industry responds to Groupon concerns

June 6th, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant


Groupon IPOThere have been numerous concerns and questions about the sustainability of Groupon since the company released an IPO valuing themselves at around $20 billion. Moreso, the group buying model itself, pioneered by Groupon, has been re-examined for its long term validity.

The IPO revealed that Groupon lost $US413m in 2010 after aggressive customer acquisitions.

Local group buying sites responded yesterday maintaining that they are profitable, despite the huge losses of Groupon in the US.

Catch of the Day revealed that their site Scoopon is showing profits, while founder Adam Schwab [...]

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Are daily deals a raw deal for businesses?

June 4th, 2011 : posted in Commentary by M Bryant

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Daily deals continue to be the top news item across the web, but the last week has seen some negative press about daily deals – mainly what they mean for businesses.

Today Techcrunch got in the act with a guest post by Rocky Agrawal that asked whether the Groupon model is sustainable for daily deals sites themselves, as well as small businesses.

Agrawal’s main point is that businesses aren’t really acquiring new customers, as they are told by the daily deal operators. He argues that many that take up an offer are a company’s existing customers and [...]

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More daily deals acquisitions

June 3rd, 2011 : posted in Industry by M Bryant

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Tippr USLivingsocial have acquired a french daily deals site, while Tippr has purchased DealPop in another round of acquisitions this week.

French deals site Dealissime was bought out by Livingsocial on Wednesday, widening the company’s worldwide reach to a total of 13 countries.

The site launched a year ago and is live in three French cities, including Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

“The team at Dealissime shares our drive to change the face of local commerce by working directly with merchants to craft handpicked deals that entice, surprise and delight our members. [...]

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Stardeals launches in Perth

June 2nd, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant

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Stardeals, the Australian expansion of daily deals giant Groupon, launched their service in Perth this week.

The group buying site launched in Sydney in February this year, and soon moved into Brisbane and Melbourne. The site also offers national deals.

“Perth is a very vibrant cosmopolitan city with a lot of great businesses that we’re keen to partner with in order to offer consumers in Perth the very best deals,” says Stardeals managing director, Patrick Schmidt.

The group have been slower on expansion downunder than many of the other local sites: Spreets, for example, now servicing over a dozen Australian [...]

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Google Offers launches in Portland, Oregon

June 2nd, 2011 : posted in Industry by M Bryant

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Floyd's Coffee - the first Google Offers merchantSix months after a failed $6bil takeover bid for Groupon, Google have entered the daily deals arena with the launch of Google Offers in Portland, Oregon in the US.

The service is in beta-test mode and Google plans to roll it out across the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City with a mobile version this summer.

The first merchant to take part in Google Offers upon launch on Wednesday was local Portland cafe Floyd’s Coffee Shop, offering $10 worth of drinks and food for [...]

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