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September 21st, 2011 : posted in Site News by M Bryant

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Things have been happening so fast here it appears that we forgot to introduce ourselves properly!

In case you weren’t sure if the site was run by some large agency or just a pimply teen in his bedroom – you’re mostly wrong, on both counts!

The Dealer is run by two young entrepreneurs: myself, Morris Bryant, and Ruben Sargsyan. My brother, Cameron Bryant, jumps in sometimes with a blog post or two when he’s feeling charitable!

Morris Bryant

I’m an online marketer from the Blue Mountains and have been in the space since about the time I very nearly failed Journalism school.

I dream about antique Mercedes, read Larry McMurtry novels and spend my weekends seeking Sydney’s best Pho Ga.

I started The Dealer because I loved deals, but I only really wanted to find local restaurant deals, and not much else! I couldn’t find any simple¬†way to exclude the rest.

The Dealer lived as a concept on some scrap paper for a month or two before I finally put it in motion around April, 2011.

Ruben Sargsyan

Ruben is a developer from Armenia. We’ve been working together for some time now + there’s nothing he can’t code!

Ruben’s responsible for all the heavy programming on the site, including engineering new features and integrating new deals sites.

He has several of his own projects, including a blog directory,

He’s passionate about Armenian culture, is studying French and aspires to being a famous businessman.