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Guest Post: The Future of Daily Deals

July 15th, 2011 : posted in Commentary by B Marsh


There’s no doubt that Daily Deals are here to stay, with daily deal providers sprouting up all over the place on an almost daily (pardon the pun) basis, so I thought I’d take the time to reflect on where we came from, where we’re at now & what the future might hold.

Where we came from…

In my opinion, it all started around 2004 with a popular website in the US called Woot!

Woot! provided one deal a day, everyday. The deal was almost always a product that would be delivered to you: no restaurants, no sky diving, just a [...]

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Niche daily deals sites

July 13th, 2011 : posted in Deals by M Bryant

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There are dozens of daily deals sites in Australia, and more launching every week. Perhaps the most interesting, however, are the niche sites that are popping up everywhere, selling everything from wine to designer clothing.

The benefits of niche sites, if they can sustain themselves with smaller audiences, are great for all – retailers get stronger conversion rates from more engaged audiences, while consumers have access to more qualified, relevant deals.

Here’s a quick list of some of the current Australian niche sites. We’ll be adding more as we find them – be sure to comment below if you know [...]

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Should you run a daily deal for your business?

July 6th, 2011 : posted in Commentary by M Bryant


Should I run a daily deal?Daily deals are certainly a hot topic at the moment, particularly since the announced IPOs of both Groupon and Livingsocial.

There’s a lot of press about daily deals not being a fruitful or sustainable strategy for merchants, though mostly it’s very one-sided and ignorant of a very basic rule in marketing: not every channel suits every merchant.

Does it suit your business?

Before preparing a deal and negotiating terms with an operator, you need to ask yourself this question. Many businesses just aren’t suited to daily [...]

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NZ Deals sites pulls out of the market

June 21st, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant

No Comments » has pulled out of the NZ daily deals market less than a year after its launch.

The daily deals site was offering dining, activity and experience deals such as sky-diving. It was operated as a sister site to the prominent New Zealand products site 1-Day which sells three products a day at a heavily discounted price.

The daily deal model was not viable for their company, said Race Louden, Group Sales and Marketing Manager at 1-Day.

The company is continuing their work on, which only offers products. The markup on products means that deals are more practical [...]

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Group buying industry sees 1000% growth

June 1st, 2011 : posted in Industry by M Bryant

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The group buying industry has showed now signs of slowing down so far with new figures released by Experian Hitwise highlighting the pace of the market.

The data company revealed that traffic to daily deals sites increased by over 1000% in the past twelve months, with the average amount of time spent on these sites increased by over 150%.

The first figure shows just how much the industry has exploded – not just the userbase, but the actual sites offering daily deals.

“We are seeing new entrants to the market on a regular basis, with activity on these sites representing [...]

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What is group buying?

May 23rd, 2011 : posted in Industry by C Steele

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Group buying is the marketer’s term for daily deals.

In short, businesses are able to offer massive discounts on products + services because they are selling enmasse. Because they might sell hundreds, or even thousands, of their offering, they can give a discount of up to 90%.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Sometimes businesses run at a loss with these offers, but it’s all about the exposure of their product and attracting new customers.

The concept was pioneered by Groupon in the US (known as Star Deals here in Australia) and has been a huge success ever since. [...]

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