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Meet The Dealer

September 21st, 2011 : posted in Site News by M Bryant

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Things have been happening so fast here it appears that we forgot to introduce ourselves properly!

In case you weren’t sure if the site was run by some large agency or just a pimply teen in his bedroom – you’re mostly wrong, on both counts!

The Dealer is run by two young entrepreneurs: myself, Morris Bryant, and Ruben Sargsyan. My brother, Cameron Bryant, jumps in sometimes with a blog post or two when he’s feeling charitable!

Morris Bryant

I’m an online marketer from the Blue Mountains and have been in the space [...]

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Crowdsauce and launch on The Dealer!

September 21st, 2011 : posted in News by M Bryant

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CrowdsauceWe’re happy to announce that we’ve now added Crowdsauce and to The Dealer!

You’ll see them next time you take a look at the deals page: sorted by category + cheap, as always!

Crowdsauce are a little more interesting than your standard daily deals site – they offer users the chance to request deals from merchants, as well as purchase deals that have already been requested + negotiated by their team.

The graphic below says it best.

We’re pretty excited to have an affiliation with them – just like us, [...]

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Guest Post: The Future of Daily Deals

July 15th, 2011 : posted in Commentary by B Marsh


There’s no doubt that Daily Deals are here to stay, with daily deal providers sprouting up all over the place on an almost daily (pardon the pun) basis, so I thought I’d take the time to reflect on where we came from, where we’re at now & what the future might hold.

Where we came from…

In my opinion, it all started around 2004 with a popular website in the US called Woot!

Woot! provided one deal a day, everyday. The deal was almost always a product that would be delivered to you: no restaurants, no sky diving, just a [...]

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Should you run a daily deal for your business?

July 6th, 2011 : posted in Commentary by M Bryant


Should I run a daily deal?Daily deals are certainly a hot topic at the moment, particularly since the announced IPOs of both Groupon and Livingsocial.

There’s a lot of press about daily deals not being a fruitful or sustainable strategy for merchants, though mostly it’s very one-sided and ignorant of a very basic rule in marketing: not every channel suits every merchant.

Does it suit your business?

Before preparing a deal and negotiating terms with an operator, you need to ask yourself this question. Many businesses just aren’t suited to daily [...]

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Introducing The Dealer

May 20th, 2011 : posted in News by C Steele

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Daily DealsHey, we’re The Dealer! We’re not just another daily deals site – in fact, we’re trying to change the face of daily deals!

If you’ve ever purchased something from a group buying site then you know exactly how we feel!

The Daily Deals Dilemma

Every deals site that your purchase something from sends you an email at least once a day. Your inbox packs out with hundreds of emails. You aren’t interested in 90% of the offers in these emails. If you unsubscribe, you might miss an offer [...]

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