Cudo is a collective buying site that offers unbelievable deals at the best venues in the largest cities in Australia, but more than that, it offers the best customer service and has committed itself to making sure that its customers have the best buying experiences on their site.

About Cudo

Although new to the world of group buying in Australia, Cudo has quickly made an impressive reputation for itself. Cudo is owned by Microsoft and Nine Entertainment Co., and with so many resources Cudo offers its customers the best deals with the most respectable business in the best cities in Australia. Cudo is a collective or group buying site that offers members unbeatable deals for anything imaginable in their city. The deals are offered to the member daily and once the deals are bought by a predetermined number of members, the deal is on. If the number is not met, then the deal does not happen and no money is charged.

Cudo over Other Group Buying Sites

Cudo offers incredible percentages off on the best services, products, and experiences in the best cities of Australia. Although many other group buying sites were developed before Cudo, Cudo brings more to the table for its members. There is no cost to Cudo members and with support and resources of Microsoft and Nine Entertainment Co., members can find the best deals with the most money off, but also visit the best of the best in their cities. Companies want to work with such well known, and well reputable corporations and many businesses find that Cudo is the best and most trusted from of advertisement.

Unlike other sites, you will not just find coupons for dinners, concert ticket, and salons with Cudo, but so much more. Services like pest control, discounted parking, or 75% off a five day escape at the best of the best hotels and resorts are offered to Cudo members. More companies want to use Cudo because of the trust of Cudo resources, which allows its member to experience the beset venues at the lowest prices rather than what the members of other group buying sites get to enjoy, second best.

Buying Code of Conduct

Cudo has the best customer service and unlike its competitors, they make sure every customer is a happy customer. If you are not absolutely satisfied with your Cudo experience or the experience that was offered by the voucher you purchased, Cudo will work with you to either allow the business for which the voucher was bought to further meet you expectation or will provide you with a full money back guaranteed and no questions asked. If the top of the line customer service was not already enough, as of the 2nd of November Cudo is now a signatory founder of the Australian Group Buying Code of Conduct. This lays out all the expectations and requirements for all existing and future group buying sites in the country and will ensure that customers are treated with only the best interest of them in mind, and will not be tricked or fooled into any deal.