Although living in the city means endless entertainment and dining choices, many times it is hard to decide what to do and then you either only go to the same establishments over and over again or end up staying at home. Groupon is a daily deal website that takes this problem away by offering incredible deals at a large variety of establishments throughout your city. Never again will you not know where to go for a meal or for a night of entertainment because Groupon will show you the hottest spots in your city and allow you to experience all the great places around you.

What is Groupon

Groupon is the largest growing and most successful deal-of-the-day site on the internet. Groupon began as a small idea and very quickly grew into a remarkable business. In late 2008, Andrew Mason, now the CEO for Groupon, began the site with the large investment from Eric Lefkofsky, Mason's former employer. The first deal that was offered on Groupon was a coupon for a small pizza place that was inside the building in which Mason ran Groupon in Chicago. Although the first market for Groupon was in Chicago, it only took a short time for their audience to spread around the world. Groupon offers incredible deals through coupons and gift certificates that are for small businesses and large corporations inside your city.

The growth of Groupon

Today Groupon not only offers daily deals to all major cities in the United States, but is also available to almost all other large countries. Groupon offers over 500 different markets and over 40 different countries the same incredible service that first began in Chicago. Groupon began its initial public offering early this year, and is said to be on track for the quickest company to ever earn $1billion. The only problem that has affected the companies that advertise with Groupon is that once the company's deal is the deal of the day, they better be prepared for the busiest day of their life, seems like a problem that most businesses would love to have.

What deals can be found on Groupon

Groupon offers deals at the hottest restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, beauty companies, and much more. Once you sign up at Groupon, you will receive a daily message that offer unbelievable deals at both your favorite locations, as well as many amazing business that are in your city that you have never even heard of. Whether it is a pair of jeans, a steak dinner, or a massage, the deals range for anything and everything you would ever want to do or try. Groupon recently began offering another great service that allows you to find the best deal at the exact moment you need it. An app for your smartphone is now offered that uses your GPS location to inform you of what restaurants or entertainment options are closest to you. With a push of a button of your phone, amazing deals that are only footsteps away will appear for you to use.