For the best deals for the best venues in Australia, Ouffer is the only daily deal or group buying site you will ever need. Whether it is something to do this weekend, a gift for that special someone, or just a great rate at a local restaurant, any deal that you will ever need is on Ouffer.

What is Ouffer?

Ouffer is the combination of the two words "our" and "offer" and first began offering remarkable deals to the people of Australia in January of 2010. Ouffer is the very first group buying site in Australia and offers great deals to a volume of people. Ouffer works similar to other deal-of-the-day sites, meaning that everyday a new deal is posted for your city and once the minimum number of buyers is reached; everyone who purchased the deal receives an unbelievable opportunity at a very low rate.

Ouffer began as a small idea and flourished into a huge website. The founders of Ouffer understood that more strength can be found in numbers, and wanted to offer Australians a way to stand together and force businesses to offer the best deals at the lowest prices. The founders also understood that the great cities of Australia offer so much to their citizens that sometime it can be hard to reach all the venues in the cities, but with Ouffer you can find great deals at your favorite venues but also places that you never even knew existed in your great big city.

What Makes Ouffer Different

Yes, there are many other deal-of-the-day sites that can be found in Australia, so you may ask why Ouffer is so much better. First off, Ouffer is the oldest site of its kind, meaning more experience and more venues for you to choose from. Unlike Ouffer's competitors, Groupon, Spreets or Cudo, the deals are targeted to everyone. Many of the competitors' sites target to only woman in Australia, leaving the men with little so do, see, or experience. Ouffer wants all the people in Australia to experience all that there is available and has the best deals, for men, women, and children of all ages. Men find that Ouffer is better than the competitor sites simply because Offer is not only filled with girly things to buy, but also all the excitement a man could ever ask for.

Ouffer also has more information available for the deals that are offered on the site. Before purchasing the deal, you can read all the terms and conditions, and a detailed description of the product, service, or experience. You will also find videos and reviews related to the deal that will allow you to know whether the deal is right for you or not. Other sites only list the deal and price, and then you are on your own to learn the terms and everything else that you need to know. Ouffer presents all the information directly at your feet before you even make the purchase and allows you and your friends to experience all the greatness of you city with all the information and help you will ever need.