If you truly want to enjoy all the benefits of living in the great country of Australia, then you must join Scoopon and beginning experiencing all the amazing adventures that are found here. Scoopon is the most popular deal-of-the day site for Australia and offer the most incredible deals on anything imaginable.

The Beginning of Scoopon and Now

Scoopon began only a short while back, making its first deal available in April of 2010. The site was started by two brothers, named Leibovich, and with the help of investor Tiger Global, the success of the site began to become apparent. Scoopon headquarters are located in Victoria and is a sister site to Australia's number one online department store, Today, Scoopon sells a product, service, or experience about every four seconds and with more than 150,000 visitors each day to the site, Scoopon has easily become the most popular site in Australia for daily deals and social shopping.

How Scoopon Works

Companies use Scoopon to offer incredible deals to all those in Australia, once a company is allowed to feature their deal on the site; the company sets a pre-determined minimal number of coupons that must be sold. Every day at noon a new deal is placed on the site, and within a certain time frame, the pre-determined number must be met. Usually the time frame is for 24 hours, but sometimes more time is allowed. Once the minimal number is reached all who purchased the coupon are charged and then sent the deal. If the minimal number is not met, then no one receives the deal, and the users will just have to try their luck again on the next deal.

Social Shopping

Scoopon is considered a social shopping site because the best way to ensure that a user receives the deal that they want is by having all their friends purchase the same deal. This allows the pre-determined number to be reached faster, but also gives a large group something to do together at a price that they all can afford.

Incredible Deals Scoopon Offers

Any product, service, or experience that you can imagine can be found offered at the lowest price by Scoopon. Some of the deals include beauty and health related products and services such as gym memberships, spray tans, or pole dancing classes. Other deals are experience related such as flights, two person getaways, or a round of golf with all the features at the most reputable golf courses. Whether you are looking for a luxurious getaway, fine foods and wine, a spa treatment, or a cruise adventure, there is no where in Australia that offers as many things at the cheapest and most affordable prices. You are sure to save an extreme amount of money and will be able to experience more in your city with Scoopon.

Great for Gifts

Because there are such great savings on Scoopon, the best Christmas or birthday presents can be found on the site. Although your name will appear on the coupon, anyone can use it. So you can treat your mum and dad or your spouse to an amazing adventure at only a fraction of the cost.