About Spreets

Spreets is a hot group buying a site that is offered to all who live in Australia. Spreets made its first appearance in February of 2010 and since then has been offering its customers the best deal at the best restaurants, bars, salon, and every other great establishment is Australia. Spreets is owned and operated by Yahoo7 and was purchased for $40 million. Since then Yahoo7 has been using all its best resources and connections to overtake its competition in the collective buying industry.

How Spreets Works

Everyday all the member can visit Spreets.com.au and check out the newest deal that has been added. There are daily deals for each city, but even though you live in one Australia city does not mean that you cannot buy the deals offered in another city. Some of the deals are offered by other website and are products that can be bought online, so it is important to check out all of today's deals to ensure you get to experience all the adventure that can be found on Spreets. Every deal has a predetermined number of vouchers that must be sold in order to activate the deal. The members have only 24 hours to buy, and once the minimal numbers of vouchers are wanted, then everyone who wanted the deal receive the voucher in their email inbox the very next day. The reason Spreets is considered a group buying site is because the offer is only valid if a certain amount of people want the deal. The more and faster people buy, the more likely the deal will become activated.

The Best Deals

Although group buying sites are a new phenomenal to the people of Australia, that does not mean that it has not become the hottest and most popular way to explore all the excitement in Australia cities. Because of the popularity, every business, vendor, and corporations wants to advertise on a group buying site. This allows the members of Spreets to receive the best deals because of the resources and reputation that has already been created by the site.

Unlike Spreets' competition, there is more to be found on their site. Not only does the owners of Spreets offer deals at local restaurants, salons, and health products, but a very wide variety of other products, services, and experiences. Spreets allows its member to stay up on all the latest technology, and offer the best computers, phones, and all the accessories that you would ever want or need. On Spreets you will not only find incredible deals on hottest getaway destinations, but also fights as well. Spreets has the best taste for everything, and you can find deals on designer furniture, designer clothing, or the best brands of liquors. Spreets brings the most excitement to the table with its unbelievable and interesting activities. Whether it is a meal at the finest restaurants, a day spent go kart racing, a day driving a hot new Ferrari, or spending the day cruising the harbour, Spreets allows for the best adventures at the lowest rates.