What are Daily Deals?

Daily Deals are one-time offers to purchase a product or service at a heavily discounted price - sometimes up to 90% off. This is made possible because it is a group effort - the deal is only activated once a certain number of people purchase it.

For you it means you can get huge discounts of restaurants, hotels, massages and much more!

Is it safe to purchase offers from Daily Deals sites?

There are literally hundreds of Daily Deals sites out there - some more reputable than others. We only partner with the highest quality deals sites that have secure checkouts, so you can be sure that any site you see featured on The Dealer has been manually reviewed by our time for its safety and credibility.

How does The Dealer work?

We scour the Daily Deals sites to find deals in your area that match your interests. We package them up in one simple email and fire it off to you.

What's the advantage?

Instead of receiving dozens of daily deals emails from sites like Spreets, Living Social and JumpOnIt, just sign up to our email service. We'll let you know when a deal in your area matches your interests.

Unlike other sites, we won't bother you if there are no deals you're interested in.

How do you do it?

We aggregate deals information from group-buying sites right across the web. Our custom built software organises these and matches them with our users.

Can I recommend another group-buying site?

Please do! At the moment we are focusing on deals from the major sites, though will be adding many more sites very shortly.

What's your spam policy?

We hate spam, that's why we built The Dealer! We'll email only once a day if there are deals that match your interests. If there aren't, we won't email you at all. You can unsubscribe at any time from within the email.

Please read our privacy policy if you have further questions.